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I am a freelancer computer graphic designer from Poland. I deal with broadly understood graphics for the needs of: online media, film, printing, packaging and outdoor advertising. In addition I photograph.

Thanks to comprehensive service, I give my projects in the form of ready-made products. Wide contacts and discounts from manufacturers (offset printers, flexo printers, large format printers, etc.) they allow me to find a very attractive price for my recipient.

Each order requires individual calculation.


I create:

  1. websites, mailings and internet banners;
  2. visual identification for companies (logos, company papers, business cards);
  3. folders, calendars, books, press releases, etc .;
  4. billboards, banners, pylons, light boxes, car advertisements and other outdoor advertising;
  5. movies, movie headlines, advertising spots, etc.
  6. multimedia presentations for companies with elements of animation.
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